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Tailor-made business management software

UNIFINANZ is a fully integrated EDP solution for economical applications. It consists of modules, which can be used in any combination (and also individually). This modularity enables UNIFINANZ to adapt in each regard to your needs. UNIFINANZ is suitable, e.g. for each task spectrum and each type of industry:

Service, production, finance, trade and industrial companies in Switzerland, America and in the European marketing area. UNIFINANZ takes over all those financial jobs, which you would normally do on your computer. Likewise UNIFINANZ inserts itself into your command system and into your organisational structure. With the development and maintenance of UNIFINANZ on the one hand, as a simple operation of the system and on the other hand, as the protection of the data from users entering in incorrect values. UNIFINANZ considers the function of the individual coworker and its surrounding field: this concerns criteria such as flows, rights of access, data security or hardware components, which can be quite an non-standard arrangement. On the different special areas the user can operate object-oriented. It is made certain that for the work on the display no aids are necessary. An logical, uniform communication interfaces exist. A relational database concept serves the data retention basis. The same data must be inputted only once. Input data is checked according to the necessary criteria. On an incorrect or missing specification the user will be notified with an error box explaining the problem.

The fundamental technologie
  • Relational Databases
  • Distributed Multiplatform Architecture
  • Multi tier
were referred. UNIFINANZ is user-controlled and complient with most modern window technology on graphic workstations (GUI).

The UNIFINANZ solutions coined/shaped a quality term for the standard software within the entire area of commercial applications.

Since 1980, experience in the development of integrated economical application solutions and the practical experience in many Swiss and international installations in several languages form the basis for the development of applications in the UNIFINANZ system.

Outstanding features of the UNIFINANZ solutions are
  • the integration of components in the application.
  • global economical functionality on most modern status.
  • the high configureability and customized functionality.
  • the practical organization of the user interface.
  • the simultaneous applicableness of several languages on a system.
  • multiple firms for all application programs.
  • own and/or divide from tables and master data of the mandates (companies).
  • the integration, the exchange of data with other software, office communication and graphic products.
  • lead from as many as desired years and periods at the same time per mandator (company).
  • graphic user interface user-controlled according to SAA standards (System Application Architecture).
  • context sensitive help system for the direct support of the users.
  • the international applicableness of the application programs.
  • Comprehensive authorization pattern on users -, function and enterprise level
  • Employment of most modern cryptographically procedures (128 bit coding)
  • Password-protected Login