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The major benefits of the manager are
  • The configure to the system environment.
    Apart from the log guidance, the system language and further user languages can be configured per workstation per as many desired printers. The admissible boundary is certain of the assigned hardware. All printers configured are suggested in each print program to the selection. The different languages can be defined per user and are executable together. Likewise the context sensitive online help can also be defined in the different languages.
  • INTERFACE to foreign packages.
    Online interface for data of all applications or over external data carriering. With the UNIFINANZ applications, other software producers data can be transfered using the interface into UNIFINANZ, in addition, they can also read data from UNIFINANZ.
  • The user identification, rights of access and control.
    It serves for the identification of the user, i.e. only users, who are entitled, may operate within the companies, functions, applications and data in the UNIFINANZ system.
  • Administer the user, groups and functions.
    All users, who operate with UNIFINANZ, must be able to be administered. For this purpose users can be added or deleted, who know authorizations on the companies and functions after need are set and completed. As required people can also be combined into groups. As many users and groups can be entered as you desire.
  • The administration of the companies.
    To the firm information belonging apart from the business address, which information of the financial years, i.e. which financial years is bookable (actively) or only evaluablely (passively) or even already archived. There is 9999 companies parallel machinably. The need accordingly many financial years can be into the future (for the budgeting) or into the past (for comparisons between years) active. Per year and per company it can also be determined whether and if how many periods are led and bookable. Company-owned or firm divisible currencies during foreign currency guidance. The firm reference currency can be selected freely. Can be administered up to 9999 different currencies. Likewise a purchase and a selling rate per day can be entered per currency, which is entered with a dialog during the interactive programs.
The following central tables, which can be divided with other companies, needs the firm administration
  • Cashier's offices (bank clearing, post office, cash, etc..)
  • 9999 currencies
  • 9999 units
  • 9999 automatic descriptions of transaction for all applications
  • 99 V.A.T. codes
  • 9999 conditions of payment
  • Firm cashier's office
  • Transactions for CHECK, DTA, VESR, SAD, LSV, EDIFACT, ect.
  • Infinite yearly administration per company
  • Period administration (differently for each year and per company are possible)